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ISA Winter World
Feb 1 – 2, 2020
Dalton, GA
Entry fee: $400 + sanction fee (35) if not sanctioned
Men’s Open: 8 homeruns a game,
No Player’s on the USSSA Men’s Major or Watch List as of January 31st 2020. All other players are welcome
Men’s D: 3 homeruns then Inning Ending Out, you may have 3 C Players
Men’s E: 1 homerun then Inning Ending Out, you may have 3 D Players
Men’s Rec: 0 homeruns and all homeruns are inning ending out, Roster must be approved by State Director
Women’s Upper: Unlimited Homeruns (all teams Classed B and Up)
Women’s Lower: 2 homeruns a game (all teams Classed C and down)
Coed: All Players Welcome (2 homeruns for Men and 2 for Women per a game) Will be played on Sunday Only
To enter contact your State Director
Georgia State Director – JT Moore will be the Tournament Director, He can be reached at 770-328-7827…
Paypal for entry is:
Entry Fee: $400 and sanction is $35 if not sanctioned
We will have a coaches meeting Friday night and teams will get to pick their spot on the bracket in the order they paid!!!

Teams that pay at the coaches meeting will be drawn out last!!!

Teams are not required to have matching uniforms.

Prize Package per division:
1st Place: 12 Custom Rings, 4 All World Tournament Players, MVP, Defensive MVP, 12 Dri-fit shirts
2nd Place: Team Plaque, 3 All World Tournament Players, Offensive MVP, 12 Dri-fit shirts
3rd Place: Team Plaque, 2 All World Tournament Players, 12 Dri-fit shirts
Thanks for Playing ISA!!!

Please use the link to book your rooms for worlds!


JT Moore – ISA GA State Director is the Director of the Winter World…
Teams need to get rosters approved thru their State Director…