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ISA World Series
Aug 23 – 25, 2019

The Summit of Softball
Chattanooga, TN
4900 LaCollina Way – Ooltewah, TN 37363

Men B/C – 6 HR then out
Men D – 3 HR then IEO
Men E – 1 HR then IEO
Men REC – 1 HR then IEO

PLEASE READ all the info…

We will post game times on Wednesday night (Aug 21) around 8 PM.
Teams will need to show up at least 30 minutes prior to their first game to…
Sign rosters (bring ID’s).
After first round of games, teams should be at the field, ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
Coach will draw to see what field they play on.
Base Burglar must be announced at the coin toss.
Home Team: Coin toss, If one team has matching shirts and scorebook and the other team does not, then the team with matching shirts and scorebook is home team. In Championship game the undefeated team is Home Team (unless they don’t have matching shirts and a scorebook).
All teams should have an scorebook!
Official Score card is held by the Umpire.
Stealing Bases – YES!!!
No Metal Cleats
No Music, music devices or noise makers are allowed in the complex.
No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed in the complex.
We know it’s adult softball and you are going to drink – But do not bring open containers to the fields, dugouts, bleachers, etc.!

We will have a coaches meeting at 4:30 pm on Friday on Field #5 at the complex for anyone that wants to hear the Tournament UIC go over the rules, etc.

Check out this link for Team Insurance

Teams will be required to hit the ISA XROCK with the World Series logo on it…
We will have them for 5 each, 60 dozen.

Just like last year – there will be a gate – 5 per car, per day…

RIOT Sports Apparel will be set up this weekend…

Friday – All games will be played at The Summit!!!
Saturday – B/C, D & E will be played at the Summit!!!
Saturday – REC will be played at Tinsley Park – 4031 Keith St NW – Cleveland, TN
Sunday – ALL games will be played at the Summit!!!


B/C: (8)
Kut4 – AL
Nap – AL
Wakefield – AL
5050 – GA
Eagle Paint – GA
D2E Trailers – GA
Exit 47/Klutch/S1S – GA

D: (18)
AMI/KDF/Jimmy’s Seafood – MD
King’s Men/Athletic Shop – TN
Showtime – GA
P & C Farms – GA
Hometec – GA
GK Builders – GA – GA
Boshel – AL
Merica – AL
Osborn – AL
Amer Sports – TN
Caught Looking – TN
Cooper Sports – TN
Ligma – TN
T & D Mediate – TN
Tim Leeper Roofing – TN

E: (37)
Prodigal – NC
RIOT Squad/Jam Construction – TN/NC
Vance Ent – NC
Ringchasers – NC
Highboyz – MD
Nubacks Bar & Grill – MD
VA Tailgaters – VA
Myaderm – VA
Leftovers – MD
Red Eye Apparel – MD
Hometown Elite – GA
Whoopsie – GA
Causin Drama – GA
Flatline – GA
Justified – GA
Hometown Spartans – GA
High Octane/MSA – GA
ADS/Yee Yee – GA
Arsenal – GA
Active Roofing – GA
Stanfil Framing – GA
Damaged Goods/AAS – SC
K & N Express – SC
Supreme – AL
Sneaky Creek – AL
Proper 12/Kut4 – AL
DK/Klutch – AL
Bad News Bears – TN
Hammertime – TN
LP Sports – TN
Tait’s Boys/TDS – TN

REC: (33)
CT Explosion/Fleeman Const. – NC
Carolina Mud Dogs – NC
C & C – NC
GA Stixx Reloaded – GA
Pizza Farm – GA
Anger Management – GA
Amtech Drive – GA
Southern Cut – GA
Full Send – GA
Arm & Hammer – GA
Team 13 – GA
Southern Hit Squad – GA
M8 – GA
New Breed – GA
Hard Knox – GA
Hit Squad Reloaded – SC
J L Express – AL
Grumpy’s/Klutch – AL
Goodfella’s – AL
Over the Hill – AL
TJ Metals – AL
N2N – AL
Angie’s Rusty Nails – TN
Bac Local 8/GYSOT – TN
Twisted – TN
Battle Scarred – TN
Drafts & Watercrafts – TN
Ignite – TN
Underdogs – TN
Young Guns – TN