July 23 – 25, 2021

Lincoln Park – Columbus, IN

ATTN: Managers/Coaches


The Managers/Coaches meeting will be Thursday night July 22nd at 7:30 pm at:

La Quinta Inn & Suites

101 Carrie Lane

Columbus, IN

ONLY 1 person from each team will be allowed in the meeting because of space…


Please read ALL the rules below and pass along to your players, fans, spectators, etc.

All teams will be required to hit the ISA 44/400, 12” TATTOO softball.

ALL players should have a valid form of ID with a photo at all times.

Team Check In:  We will have Directors at the top 4 fields and the bottom 2 fields – Check in with the Directors at the fields that you play your first game.

We will not have coolers set up with water in the dugouts.

Be at the fields, with all your paperwork done and ready to play 30 minutes before all your games.


Coolers  – Only 1 team cooler – that means 1 cooler per team!!!

No coolers containing food, but teams may bring in drinks to stay hydrated. Concessions staff will not provide free ice or free water or free refills, all items must be purchased (even if you have your own cup). No glass containers permitted in the team cooler.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited in the playing and spectator areas. Persons observed consuming alcohol in these stated areas will be banned from such areas during use by Columbus Parks and Recreation Department.


No pets (with the exception of service dogs) are allowed inside any gated areas, dugouts or in the spectator seating areas.


We strongly discourage the use of tobacco at our sporting complexes. If you chose to smoke, please do so at the designated areas we’ve established inside the park (red cigarette extinguishers). You must stay at least 8 feet from any building per city smoking ordinance.


When warming up prior to games, teams/players are only permitted to be hitting from the warning track and not on the turf into the fencing. (Translation, NO HITTING IN THE OUTFIELD)


No drones are permitted to fly in the location unless prior approval is provided by the Parks Department Director of Sports Programs.


No drug use, Columbus Police Department will be immediately dispatched at the suspicion of drug use.


No skateboards, inline skate, bicycles, scooters (motorized or not), hoover boards or other vehicles (excluding assistive mobility devices) allowed.


No Music, Music devices or noise makers are allowed.


Thanks for playing ISA !!!