ISA Senior Schedule 2023 & Rules/Information


FYI…  Short Porch is approved for ISA play effective Tuesday April 11, 2023!!!


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Team Sanction fee is $45.00.  It goes from the time you sanction, until the end of that calendar year.  There is not a player registration/sanction fee!  No Players card!

Deadlines to enter tournaments and pay entry fees will be 2 weeks prior to the tournament.  IF, there is not enough teams in your division, you will get a full refund.  After game times are posted/sent out then no refunds.

Make checks payable to ISA.

Entry fee and Sanction fee can be sent by mail: 


PO Box 515

Sylva, NC  28779

 Please include which tournament, team name, coach contact, Age and class please.

 It will be our goal to have all the game times and information posted at least 7 days prior to the event.


ISA Senior Rules & Information 2023

All playing rules and regulations for tournament play will be governed the current edition of the ISA Official Rule Book with the following clarifications and exceptions:


40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 and up

For the 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65…  Players must turn that age during that current year.

Example:  If a player is 49 and turns 50 before Dec 31 of the year, they are legal for 50 play.

For 70, 75 and 80… You can have up to Three (3) players that are 1 year younger. 

Example: a 70 team can have up to 3 players that will turn 69 in the calendar year that they are playing… So, a 70 team can have up to (3) 69-year-old players.  A 75 team can have up to (3) 74-year-old players.  An 80 team can have up to (3) 79-year-old players.


65 and up teams can play the 11th defensive player.






Major Plus/Gold

The number of divisions in each age classification will depend on the number of ratings of entered teams, when divisions are combined in pool play the lower division of homerun limits will be used.


Pitching Screens: may be used by any team in the 70s and over divisions. The teams must provide a screen if they desire to use it. The screen cannot be bigger than 4×8 and be placed no more than 3 feet in front of the pitching rubber and one side of the screen must be within the 2-foot pitching rubber. A batted ball that hits the screen shall be declared a foul ball. A thrown ball hitting the screen shall remain alive. The pitcher cannot make a play on the ball until touched by another player.

Effect: If the pitcher touches a ball, it will be declared a dead ball and Batter awarded 1st base and all runners will advance only if forced.  Exception to this rule is if an infield fly is called the pitcher can make a play on the ball.


Pitch Count: 1 & 1 no extra foul


Pitching: A pitched ball must go a minimum of 6 feet and not exceed a maximum of 12 feet from the ground.  An illegal pitch should be called while the ball is in the air.


Strike Zone: Any legal pitch that hits the strike mat will be called a strike.


Pitching Rubber:  Set at 50 feet and you have up to 6 feet behind the 50 foot rubber.


Courtesy Runner: You can have as many courtesy runners per inning as you want. However, a courtesy runner can only run once per inning and if you have been run for, you cannot be used for a courtesy runner for that inning. Also, if a courtesy runner is on base when it is their turn at bat, they are out on the base and take their spot at bat.



AA, AAA, Major: 20 after 4, 15 after 5…  Major Plus:  22 after 4, 15 after 5.

You can only score up to 5 runs per inning until the last or open inning, which you can score as many as possible.


HOME RUNS:  All Home Runs are hit and sit.

Major Plus/Gold = 9 per game, then outs

Major = 6 per game, then outs

AAA = 3 per game, then outs

AA = 1 per game, then outs

ALL Home Runs are hit & sit, runners are not required to advance to the next base.


Time Limits:

Pool Play – 65 minutes, finish the inning, plus one.

Bracket Play – 70 minutes, finish the inning, plus one.

Championship Game – 80 minutes, finish the inning, plus one.


Equalizer rules for mixed divisions will be as follows. A 5-run spot will be given to the lower class or the older age division. 1 run per inning starting with the 2nd inning until the 6th inning. The team giving up runs will be the automatic home team.


Tied ball games will begin with the extra inning or innings use the ITB, this means the last batter of the previous inning being placed at second base. When using the ITB the runner placed at second base cannot have a courtesy runner until the runner reaches 3rd base.


A baserunner shall not slide at first base or home scoring plate/ line, unless trying to avoid an injury. Any baserunner that runs through the batter’s box or touches strike zone mat will be called out. Touching the runner with the ball between the commitment line and the scoring line will not be an out.


Game Cards:

Each team will fill out a game card for each game. All the players that are going to play must be listed on the game card.  If a player is not listed on the game card, they cannot play that game.



A team may bat every player on the roster.  Any ten players can play defense, but the batting order must stay the same.  For 65+ and up, any 11 players can play defense, but the batting order must stay the same.



The batter when hitting the ball, may not have the back front completely further forward of a line defining the front edge of home plate. This rule retains all traditional restrictions regarding the side and rear lines of the batter’s box as well as stepping on or over the plate. A dead ball out shall be recorded.

  • If the batter steps on or across the plate while attempting to hit the ball or if the back foot is completely forward of the front line defining the front edge of home plate, a dead ball out shall be recorded.


Flip Flop Rule: In effect for all games.


BATS: Must have the ISA Stamped and be on the ISA Approved Equipment list, which is located on the website.

FYI…  Short Porch is approved for ISA play effective Tuesday April 11, 2023!!!

You cannot swing a Fast Pitch Bat in Slow Pitch play.



In tournament play all teams will play a minimum of (2) games for seeding purposes. All games will count toward seeding into bracket play. Ties in seeding will be broken by the least number of runs allowed. Head-to-Head ties will only be broken if teams play a true round robin. If a tie exists on runs allowed the second tie breaker will be run differential between tied teams. Team with largest differential will be higher seed. If a tie still exists, then it will be broken by coin flip. All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of (4) games. The pool game format may vary depending on the number of teams and rating of the teams. Unless otherwise noted.



It is highly recommended that all players wear matching uniforms. Any decisions on uniforms will be handled by the tournament director and cannot be protested.


Game Times:

Game times listed on brackets are for guidance. Please have your team ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. Teams not ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time are subject to forfeit.


Infield Practice:

No infield practice will be allowed. All Warm-Ups must be done in the outfield grass area in the designated area.



The protest will be decided by the tournament officials. Coaches must protest any umpires rule interpretation before the next pitch. Player eligibility must be made before the completion of the second inning.



Dugouts should consist of players, coaches, sponsors, and a bat boy. No spectators will be allowed in the dugouts.



A player may only play with one team per age division at any tournament. A team may have up to 3 players from 1 skill level higher at the same age at any event. A player cannot be on two rosters in different age levels if teams are combined in pool play.



All players must be listed on the team’s roster prior to the start of the tournament. No team will be allowed to add players after the beginning of their game. No Snowbird will be allowed except in the 65 and above age divisions.



All players must check in at the tournament directors table prior to their first game of the tournament. Teams must check in as a team. All players must have a government approved ID. Players must always carry their ID as random ID checks may be made prior to any game.


Protective Gear:

Pitchers should wear a face mask; other protective gear will also be allowed but not mandatory. However, any hard plastic shin guards must be removed prior to entering the batter’s box.



All balls used in ISA SENIOR events must be the BADEN ISA stamped 44/400. Teams must furnish their own softballs. Teams must hit the BADEN ISA 44/400 stamped/approved softballs.

Softballs will be sold at the park:  3 for $20, 6 for $40…



No Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed inside of the park area. If caught with alcohol you may be ejected from the tournament for the remainder of the weekend.

Also please advise yourself on any pet and park/complex rules in advance.


No Stealing!!!

No metal cleats.


ISA does not allow Music, Music devices, Artificial Noise makers, Air Horns, Cowbells, etc. in the park/complex.